Server versions

Our plugin supports Spigot, Bukkit and BungeeCord. You can choose the server you want to execute on.

Use your own domain

Every store can use their own domain or sub-domain with a simple DNS change.

No payment limit

We do not limit the amount of money you can process, not even on the free plan.

Fully automatic

All payment processing is automatic, the player can enjoy their item within minutes after payment.

No advertisements

We do not show any advertisements on webstores, not even on free ones.

Coupons and Gift-cards

You can create coupon codes and gift-cards that your players can use to get discounted prices.

Team Accounts

Do you have other staff members to require access to the store? Then you can give them access though team accounts.

Templates and style

Premium stores can change the template and CSS (Style) of their store, you can completely change the look and feel.

DDoS mitigation

Our servers are hosted on different servers all over the globe to absorb any DDoS attack to our platform. Maximising uptime.

Two Factor Authentication

You can protect your account with Two Factor authentication, requiring you to enter a one time password every time you're logging in.

Free sub-domain

All stores get a free sub-domain at our domain to host their store if you do not own your own domain.

SSL Certificate

Premium stores can request an SSL certificate for their store, all stores get SSL on their sub-domain.