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Terms of Service

Overview of our terms you are bound to when using CraftingStore.

1) About us
1.1 We are CraftingStore, a registered company in The Netherlands under chamber of commerce number 73584088. We operate under CloudProtected, registered under the same number.

2) General terms
2.1 We are allowed to change anything and any feature of the website without notice, this includes but is not limited to; the prices, plan options and all the other parts of the site.
2.2 We reserve the right to terminate your account for any reason.
2.3 We are not responsible for any loss of revenue and we cannot be held responsible for it.
2.4 Our API ( may not be misused, you may use it for your own projects, but nothing that competes with our goal.
2.5 You are not allowed to DDoS our network or cause DDoS attack on our network.
2.6 Our pricing is based on the "pay as you go" principle when you upgrade your account, you'll gain access to the features provided on the pricing page located at ( After 31 days (one month) your account will be reset back to the "free" plan.
2.7 We have the right to reject any payment from you or to do business with you for any reason.
2.8 We may cancel your plan at any time at our discretion. When we cancel your plan as a consequence of you breaching these terms, no refund is given. In most other cases, we will refund the amount of money left. (Example: If your plan, costs 3,00, and you used 11 days of your 31 days, we'll calculate the refund as follows; 3,00 / 31 * 20 (days left)).
2.9 The features we provide are marketed "as-is".
2.10 We are allowed to change these "Terms of Service" without notice

3) Your plan
3.1 We can, at our discretion, offer plans to you that are free of charge, with the benefits of paid plans.
3.2 Our pricing and plans are in EUR (EURO). You can pay in other currencies through PayPal.
3.3 We are allowed to change our prices, also for existing packages if we are required to do so, for example, when we're required to process more TAX on the payments.
3.4 If you no longer want your plan, you can choose to not renew it. Because we use a "Pay-as-you-go" principle, you won't be charged, and your account will lose it's paid for features at the end of the cycle.
3.5 Downgrading/upgrading your account, will re-calculate your remaining days based on the price. (Example: If your plan costs 10 EUR per month, and you downgrade to a 5 EUR per month plan, and you have 31 days left, we will change the days remaining to 62).
3.6 All orders placed are final, we follow a strict no refunds policy. Forcing any refunds through a PayPal claim will result in your account being blocked.

4) Your data
4.1 We store your data, to provide you with our service.
4.2 Data we store when you sign up for CraftingStore; Username, E-mail, IP Address.
4.3 We store any data you enter within our system, this includes, but is not limited to; PayPal E-mail, PaymentWall key. And any other information you share with us.
4.4 We use cookies to store information on your machine, this information is used to provide you with a better service; Keeping you logged in, storing your preferences.
4.5 We use HTTPS (TLS) to secure your connection with our website. All information is sent using an end-to-end encrypted connection.
4.6 Our databases can only be accessed by the CraftingStore administrators, no moderators can access our information.
4.7 We encrypt all sensitive information, like; PaymentWall keys. And use strong hashing algorithms for storing your password.
4.8 Our servers are fully up-to-date with the latest security standards, and all communications between our server are going over a secure connection.
4.9 We are allowed to remove any data you upload to our platform at our digression.
4.10 You can request to get your account removed by creating a support ticket and sending an E-mail to confirm this.
4.11 We use CloudFlare to provide our dashboard ( with DDoS protection and speed optimizations. Traffic will pass through them.

5) How we share and use your data with
5.1 We have "Google Analytics" set-up on our website ( to monitor the amount of visitors.
5.2 We do not share your information with third parties.
5.3 Payments are processed using the gateway of choice.
5.4 Uploaded images are uploaded to the CloudProtected CDN servers, and you give us full permission to copy, use, distribute, remove or modify your content.

The information on this page was updated on 27th Jan 2019.
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